Very happily living in the rural area of Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin), in South Western Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron with five kids and a spouse. Actually I am the mother of two and step mom of three making up that five.

Ever since I was young I loved decorating, redecorating and redoing it again. I did it at home, for friends, for friends friends and neighbours. From painting to remodelling to helping pick colour schemes. I seemed to have a knack of pulling it all together with pleasing results for those I was working with.

Our old farm house has been the brunt of most of my latest works as I remodelled redid just about every room in the house… even added rooms and a porch to do what I do best. My spouse owns the auto recycler (junkyard) which is adjacent to our property…. imagine what I’m finding there…sometimes my best ideas for upcyling/recycling!

Once my children were getting older I decided it was time for me to take the plunge… do something I love (well I loved being home for my kids – but teenagers now, they don’t seem to need me as much) and I took the leap and went back to school.


A graduate of Interior Decorating as well as many more independant kitchen design and painting courses I am so proud to introduce you to Interior Motives by Kerri, where my dream of doing what I love is growing and has become my full time job. I love to upcycle, recycle all kinds of furniture and wood products… from walls to drawers and so much more! To think this all started so simply in my own bedroom so many years ago.

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Kerri McLean
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